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  • "I write this note with immense happiness.. the way in which my physique has improved over the last 1 year. Let me go a bit in detail about it..I returned from abroad last year and my initial gymming started abroad. After I returned to Chennai, I wanted to continue my workouts and was trying to find a gym very close to my home. I walked out of my house into Taylor's road where i saw this board REVIVE. I went in and enquired, was pretty happy with the ambience in the gym. Made a subscription for a year and started working out. Initially I started working out on my own based on the workout prescriptions from the trainer. My goal was to improve on my muscle mass.. June was when I got myself associated with personal trainer Ramesh and i still have him as my PT. June until now was boom... from 64 kgs I have now reached 77. All workouts and diets far fantastically prescribed by Ramesh which helped me achieve my goal. It was a very good dedicated effort from Ramesh which actually made me achieve this. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ramesh and Revive for making me look like what I am now." - Manohar

  • "I weighed 89 kgs, when I joined Revive Gym in the third week of July 2015. By 30th September 2015 my weight stood at 74 Kgs. I lost 15 Kgs in 2-1/2 months. It was result of a systematic, guided programme provided by my Personal Trainer Mr. Ramesh at the Gym combined with diet guidance provided by Ms. Sukanya ( the in-house dietician) From October I was put on another programme tailor made for me which has resulted in Muscle gain and further fat loss. Today I feel much confident and energetic and has positive results in my professional and personal life. Revive is a great place to work out, managed by trained professionals. The equipment and machines are not only one of the finest in the world but also are well-maintained. The gym is kept spic and span and hygienic. I thank my trainer Mr. Ramesh and the management for providing guidance, motivation and such wonderful facility." - Subash Nair

  • "The Physio session was excellent. No other gym has such qualified and experienced physiotherapists like Revive. He very accurately identified my weakness and strengths. Thanks to his evaluation I know what to concentrate on. He did a review with me after a month and i was able to see very clear results. It is really nice that trainers are personally involved and gives special attention to each of us and is making sure we progress in the right direction. Very good and very polite and most importantly he is great at his job." - Karishma Menon

  • "Revive has been the best gym I have joined in the last couple of years. There are many reasons for this a. Proximity to my house b. Very Good infrastructure c.Very Good trainers d. Availability of equipment due to large space and quantity available The Trainers are very friendly and pay individual attention. They keep track of my attendance and make sure i workout religiously. The workout regime suggested by them is very good and well placed which gives a balanced body workout." - Dhivikram

  • "Very good counselling for weight gain. Looking forward to strengthening along with diet and workout plan"
    - Aditya & Shweta

  • "The session was very useful. Today I came to know the importance of fitness in different muscles. Earlier I was in bangalore there we don't have any assessment like physical test. I would juts go there and workout without knowing what to focus on. But, here at Revive it was an eye opening exposure for me. Thanks for the useful session" - Muralidharan.S

  • "My Physio test was done by Mr Asharudeen. It was extremely good as I got to know various fitness components and each of that was explained extremely well. I definitely did not get such an extensive test by any other trainer in any other gym. Thank You" Aditya Jain

  • "It is really great that the trainer does his job so excellently. Great patience on is side. It was a wonderful experience on the whole. I had been to over 3 gyms in the past 6 years but haven't had this type of experience. Revive does a great job" - Surender Bothra

  • "Feel extremely rejuvenated after yoga sessions at Revive" - Swathi Nahar

  • "Yoga session is very good. During the session i could feel myself fresh, relaxed and full of energy. The trainer was great at guiding us" - J. Daniel

  • "The Physio is good & well trained. Training is comprehensive. Better than any other gym I have attended. Keep it up" - Amit Gupta

  • "A useful assessment. Azhar helped me understand the whole process as well as my body much better. It helps me get more focus and direction on my workout as well as weight loss goals" - Bhamini